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Guangzhou Darong Industry Group
At the beginning, Guangzhou Darong Industry Group, built by Guangzhou Baiyun Darong Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Tazol(HongKong) Biological Technology Co., Limited with investment of 150 millions, is the production and R&D base of OEM/ODM associated with beauty and cosmetic. With the expansion of the company, and long for the talents more and more, so the Group added a few companies, such as Guangzhou Zeal Fun Cosmetic Co.,Ltd,  Guangdong Darong Industry Develop Co.,Ltd. 

In the April 2013, a new comopany add to our group, that is Guangzhou Beauty Source Company. Guangzhou Beauty Source Import & Export Co.,Ltd is start from a Import & Export department of Guangzhou Baiyun Darong fine chemical Industry Co.,ltd since 2006. In April of 2013, separate as an independent company called Guangzhou Beauty Source Import & Export Co.,Ltd located in Guangzhou China. We are a company specialized in beauty products: hair care and skin care :such as hair color, shampoo. conditioner, hair mask, hair relaxer and so on, and skin care products; such as facial cleanser, facial mask and scrub and body lotion and shower gel and so on. and related beauty products such as raw material, salon furniture and tools importing and exporting. Also hold the activities such as : Import and export business, third-party verification, customs clearance, tax, collection and payment of money, foreign exchange settlement, the patent certificate . Now we have about 200 customers from all over the world 40 countries. We have our own import and export right. We have GMPC and Halal and free sale certificate.