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Hair care and hair care needs urgent attention

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:conditionerAuthor:conditionerPostedTime:2011-11-02 01:25:00

Hair care and hair care needs urgent attention
Body is affected by the parents, we need to take good care of. The amount of hair color and hair is a natural, healthy hair, but whether or not it is caused by the day after tomorrow. Perm, hair care and maintenance in time to do hair.

Membrane with hair conditioner can not be used together. Many people have a misunderstanding that a complete shampoo process is: 1 shampoo, 2 conditioner, 3 made
??film, 4 nutrition water. In fact, hair is full of holes and hollow by epidermal keratinocytes keratinocytes formed a special organization, if the received injury, the cuticle will be as full of barb branches, rough numb. The conditioner is a closed process of repairing the hair cuticle, the cuticle will be four flying close together, making the original rough hair soft and smooth. When using the hair cuticle closed after film, made ??films good nutrition will not be absorbed by the hair. conditioner and hair mask can choose one to use. conditioner is best not to touch the scalp, nutrients (especially silicon component) of the residue can clog hair follicles, and hair loss induced by fat particles.

Hair care and urgent attention, mostly white-collar workers are particularly chaotic pace of life, day and night reversed, often because of work or other reasons, excessive alcohol consumption. Wine drink less pleasing, over beverages. Excessive alcohol can cause hair oil, hair so impressed.