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Hair loss is hair loss how to prevent trouble

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:hair care productsAuthor:hair care productsPostedTime:2011-10-28 00:16:00

Hair loss is hair loss how to prevent trouble
The so-called gangbusters, such as hair-like leaves off. The main reason is lack of timely replenishment of water, causing the hair dry and fall off. This is a dry fall season. How can I add the hair moisture it.

Autumn is harvest season, in terms of hair fall season compared to other hair loss is more likely. This is the same as if the Four Seasons is a natural physiological phenomenon, such as the summer due to high temperatures, sweating, consumption, poor appetite, leading to some malnutrition, coupled with poor quality of sleep, which will affect hair growth. Generally out of a hundred hairs a day is normal, so do not worry. But up in the morning if you have hair on the pillow and found 50 more, and more hair when the hair loss, it may not be normal hair loss. You can observe the fall of the hair, if the same thickness of hair and hair roots, the roots there is a small white spots, indicating that healthy hair is still out when it's shedding is normal. If not, you will need to consider whether there are other reasons a lot of hair.

The main way to solve the hair loss is the daily care and maintenance, especially after the hair dye in a hot finish, some regular care, the usual choice when using professional hair care products, such as: Dan Zhuoli, Keller Adams, Lan Hyun Metz and other shampoo, hair conditioner.