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How to change the problem of congenital hair

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:hair productsAuthor:hair productsPostedTime:2011-10-31 00:12:00

How to change the problem of congenital hair

In most people's minds can not change that innate, but acquired through natural birth is to be changed. Such as the hair can be carried out within the treatment of food, coupled with the topical use of hair products. Complementary to each other and thus change the pigment cells and the activity of new a new pigment cells. This can turn gray hair to black hair.


Vitamin supplements can prevent white hair: hair color is wrapped by the hair pigment cells in some of the decisions. As people age, growing, these cells will lose their lives, this time, the new hair grow is white, not color of the first kind. Hair growth cycle is four years, after the loss of pigment cells, each wrapped in a hair upon their own schedules grow new hair, which is why our hair causes hair emerging. This process is determined by each person's genes, so vitamin supplements will not prevent the hair from the white effect.


Natural hair yellowing, mainly due to lack of nutrition in the fetal period, resulting in congenital hair yellow. With the ancient words of the fundamental of the injury. The need for long-term nutritional support. But external factors also need attention, such as to avoid ultraviolet radiation and so on.


Yellowing hair is a natural, immutable: Many people believe that hair yellowing is a natural, immutable. In fact, as long as the intake of adequate nutrition, to avoid excessive exposure to sun and perm, hair color, hair color can still be improved. The sun's ultraviolet rays will destroy the melanin present in the hair, leaving hair fade, become yellow, dull, strongly alkaline hair perming agents will destroy the organization of tendon, resulting in hair color. Therefore, the key to preventing hair yellowing and to avoid too much sun perm.