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Metal hair color cream with hair color cream the difference between plant

Article Source:ZEALWeb Editor:hair color creamAuthor:hair color creamPostedTime:2011-11-01 20:34:00

Metal hair color cream with the difference between plant

hair color cream with plants which have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to determine the metal hair color cream plant.
Plant color cream: mainly plant pigments, and its composition is more complex, the best example we often use the fingernail grass.
hair color cream: The main ingredient is dye metal oxides, or their compounds, the most obvious examples such as the ceramic color, the famous three-color by the chinaware and metal oxides by the coloring;

With "+ hydrogen peroxide bleaching powder" without conspicuous places, try floating a bunch of black tail part is stopped, if there is fading shallow, it means the non-heavy metals prior to dye
hair color cream.
If there is no back light, still showing the color black or dirty, that it was stained with heavy metals. The results of different tests, different ways to handle also.