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5 Steps of Hair Care

Article Source:植兰芳Web Editor:NSWAuthor:NSWPostedTime:2015-10-12 13:23:00

  1. First of all, before the use shampoo, first rinse hair with warm water, let a hair and scalp full moisture, dirt and hair with hairspray and dissolved in water, make the hair more easy to clean.



       2. After pour shampoo on the palm, rub the hair, with a little warm water, rub to produce rich foam. Gently massage for the first time, the second time use refers to the hair root and scalp massage belly, rinse off with clear water after all to rub out.



       3. Pour the conditioner after the palm, evenly daub on the hair. Contrary to the use of the shampoo, from hair tip first began to grip the hair with your fingers gently massage evenly, and then slowly apply to the whole department. Don't rinse immediately after massage, slightly wait for a period of time will get twice the result with half the effort.



       4. Put the towel to dry hair, use dry hair is good, in a towel hands compress towel, absorbs excess moisture on the hair clean. Under wet condition, hair hair falls off easily, so, don't hard rub hair with towel, in order to avoid cause wool scale on the surface of the hair loss.



       5.Use a blow dryer mproper methods will lead to damaged hair, so choose the correct method of use is especially important. Is better than using hot air to evaporation method is: comb the hair with his hand while using the hair dryer wind makes hair and good contact with air, evaporate excess moisture on the surface of the hair will be in the wind, and will the wind into the hair from the start, and then blow dry hair.